Shaman Tell Stories

"Ancient Traditions for a Modern World"

Magic (Glyph Gate #3)

(c) 1999 David Lee Lang

All rights reserved

There was a time 10 years ago or maybe it was 60 years ago or 300 years or 50,000 years. . . Or maybe it was last week.

This was a special time. A magical time. A powerful time. A time of great fate and destiny. A critical moment in the course and fate of the universe. For at this time of great magic someone appeared.

This someone carried deep in themselves a powerful secret; a magical design; a tool; a skillfully machined part to a complex device; a secret formula that the universe needs to survive. . . a must have to be whole, complete, vibrant and healthy.

This someone had to cross a great and dangerous land.

This person had a tremendous task to complete, a task against great odds A task of struggle and monsters and pain and fear and death and destruction A task that faced joys, fun and celebration, growth, birth and ecstatic feelings that language is too puny to capture. A task wrapped in illusion and seduction.


This person, who was really a great hero or maybe she was a awesome heroine, was short or maybe he was very tall and dark brown or pale white. Or maybe she was all colors from many different mothers and fathers and grandfathers and grandmothers all shapes and sizes, all races who found each other and blended together through love.

And she was born.

And he was born.

With a great secret. A powerful design. The essential key to save all of everything that ever was or ever will be.

Born 10 years ago or 50 years ago or maybe last week. Born with a great task in a dangerous and seductive world. Born with a great destiny.

Born into the "Land of Forgetting"

A land of illusion so real he believes it is real.

She lives as though the illusion is real.

A land of forgetting where that someone has forgotten how vital and important and critical and necessary they are. . . their secret is.

A land where people forget that everything is alive; Everything is sacred.

A land where people have forgotten that plants brag about their skills of healing. Where animals protect and offer themselves as food. Where trees and rocks keep vigil and give wise council.

No, she, like the others; he, like the others, have become trapped in a strange land and have forgotten about loving and honoring the planet, the environment, each other. A land where people have forgotten the power and healing of community.

Forgotten that our inner landscape is actually the doorway to higher realms to spirit realms.

Forgotten that our inner landscape is more, much, much more than just imagination and fantasy and psychology and pretend.

This hero, this heroine is asleep in this land of forgetting.

Deep asleep, having completely forgotten the vital, magical thing they carry.

She has forgotten it to protect it.

He has forgotten it so completely that he no longer realizes he has it. They no longer remember what it was or what their great task is in facing a land of tests and trials with no maps or instruction manual or even the memory that they have a task at hand.

Oh, sometimes they start awake from a powerful dream! Quickly forgetting, of course, vaguely remember something vital. Something critical. Something so important that it would transform the universe! If only they could remember the dream. If only they weren't so sleepy...

Others come along, helpers, magical guides and teachers; strange experiences and synchronicities, to nudge and prod the sleeping, forgetting, dreaming hero, the somnambulist heroine.

Someone, something shouting in their ear to, "WAKE UP" wake up! Wake up to your birthright and your connection to the guidance of spirit!

Wake up to your journey, your destiny! Wake up inside the dream, the big, very real feeling, shared illusion, the dream of your life. Wake up and remember your task, the magical object you carry, the sacred secret that the universe desperately needs.

It is time to awaken to your connection to the sacred and magical in daily life. We are here to look in our mirrors and see that great hero, that great heroine, born 30 years ago, or maybe last week. We are here to wake up in the dream of our lives and continue in our adventures awake and with eyes open - carrying our secret, magical piece forward, safely through this land of forgetting.

This is the dream of shamanism.


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